Mașini de marcare prin presare tradițională


Are you looking for a high-quality mechanical presses? For a machine that can guarantee a professional job for actions as pressing, bending and riveting, don’t trust to unreliable firms, but turn to those who work in the sector for a long time, such as Automator International!

Every mechanical presses offered by Automator International is synonymous of guarantee and extraordinary precision.

Furthermore, they are machines that are capable of implementing considerable pressure (depending on the model you choose, they can even reach 6,500 kg), without having to give up a truly superlative level of precision.

Automatic and manual presses: two different types of industrial press.


Whether are automatic, pneumatic bench or manual presses, these high precision instruments guarantee the engraving and customization of almost any type of product, to ensure that your objects become unique, clearly distinguishable and recognizable inside.

Every manual or automatic presses are tested with great care before being put on the market, in order to offer a product of the highest possible quality to the clientele: a long life, high efficiency, resistance and flexibility are essential characteristics of our presses.

We have been offering our customers for over half a century with results and feedback that are, to say the least, excellent.

For the purchase of quality automatic or manual presses, rely on the best on the market!